Professional solutions for home ventilation

Construction systems nowadays are oriented to design buildings with lower energy consumption, good thermal insulation, hermetically sealed windows, etc… All of that makes our homes more sealed and insulated, improving the energy consumption, but at the same time deteriorates ambient interior health standards due to a higher humidity level. This favours the appearance of mould, mites, fungi, bacteria and pollutants… In conclusion, the house “is not breathing”. The problem is not humidity itself, is the presence of microorganisms on wet surfaces, the perfect place for mites and mould proliferation, with the resultant health problems for the housing residents. Living in humid environments increases the probability of developing asthma and other respiratory diseases, especially in children and the elderly.

Another effect of inefficient housing ventilation is the increase of the radon gas concentration. Radon is considered the second leading cause of lung cancer death after smoking according to WHO (Source: “WHO Handbook on indoor radon” OMS.2009).

The solution to these problems is the implementation of a “forced” air renewal system which works 24 hours all year long, replacing this the manual window opening with these key differences: the ability to precisely control the air flow limiting it to the minimum required, the filtering of harmful air particles greatly improving its quality (impossible just opening the windows), the control of thermal comfort through a preheating feature, …, in other words, achieving a high comfort level with a low energy demand.

Altia Systems has developed the most advanced controlled ventilation system on the market, with hygrometric function with multiple sensors, control by App through our mobile phone, annual programming of operation, etc.



Leaders in innovation, Altia Systems has developed the Q-Air range, the most advanced controlled ventilation system, including higrometer feature with multiple probes, control via Smartphone app, manual programming operation, etc.  The hygrometric controlling, along with the multiple internal and external sensors, allow to regulate the air flow rate needed at any given time depending on the internal and external temperature and humidity conditions. Q-Air, the perfect ventilation.

All our models are equipped with high-performance centrifugal motors with EC energy-saving technology, and curved blades system which minimizes the noise making it almost unnoticeable.


Available in two models “Access” and “Comfort”, and three different finishing versions “Glass”, “Design” and “Box”


The company

Altia Systems is a young company born from the union of engineers and professionals of this sector with the purpose of design, manufacture and distribute home ventilation systems, in order to improve indoor air quality and solve moisture problems caused by condensation.

People who make up this great team are professionals with wide and proven experience in the performance of our business, and we work in order to make our vision a reality, giving to customers the highest quality products through an excellence and quality service, that provides the most innovative solutions for home ventilation.

In Altia Systems we are committed to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.