The Company

Altia Systems is a young company born from the union of engineers and professionals of this sector with the purpose of design, manufacture and distribute home ventilation systems, in order to improve indoor air quality and solve moisture problems caused by condensation.

People who make up this great team are professionals with wide and proven experience in the performance of our business, and we work in order to make our vision a reality, giving to customers the highest quality products through an excellence and quality service, that provides the most innovative solutions for home ventilation.

Committed to the full satisfaction of our customers, every product is object of rigorous testing and controls. Each component is subjected to multiple evaluation processes before installation, and then, as part of the system in its entirely, in order to ensure that they meet or exceed the specifications providing this way long-term reliability, just as a total consistency in each product. Our integrated Quality Management system is based on UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 requirements among other national and international standards. All of that allows us to offer all our products  with a 5 years guarantee against any manufacturing defect.

Our products are manufactured under the guidelines considered under CE Marking (EMC + LVD) and meet all the requirements of the Directives: 2005/32 / CE, EuP, 89/336 / EC, 92 / 31 / EEC, 93/68 / EEC, EN60334, EN61000-6-2, EN61000-3-2 / 3, EN61000-6-3, and EN60335-1.




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