Comfort is the most advanced mechanical ventilation system on the market. It incorporates multiple sensors hygrometric that regulate according to the levels of indoor and outdoor air quality the necessary flow in each moment. Like the Access version it incorporates programmable preheat function and can mount filters G4 or F7. Available in all three finishing versions, Glass, Design and Box.

Q-Air Systems, smart ventilation

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•   10 Speed 
•   Programmable  preheating annually  12 a 20º 
•   Control App via Smartphone or Tablet (Tablet 7 ” option)
•   Automatic or manual operation
•   Hygrometric function. It controls the insufflation flow  in function of the exterior and interior hygrometry.
•   Multiple temperature and humidity sensors for hygoregulable function control.

•   Filter change alert
•   Centrifugal fan with low consumption EC technology
•   Flow rate from 50 to 290 m3
•   Power 1.190 w

Available in three versions, Glass, Desing and Box

App ControlControl through APP. Through your smatphone you can control all the operating parameters of the system.

Hygrometer function with multiple sensors

Removes air humidity, preventing the growth of molds, fungi and the proliferation of mites growing in humid environments.
 Prevents condensation on windows
 Improves air quality. The previously introduced air is filtered by preventing the entry of external contaminants housing, pollen, pollution, allergens, etc ..
• Helps reduce radon level. When air is introduced into the house, a slight overpressure is generated, which prevents the radon gas from rising. This gas is considered the second leading cause of death from lung cancer after smoking.
• Saves in heating consumption. Damp air causes a colder heat sensation.
• Improves health. A dry air is synonymous with health. Asthma and other respiratory diseases worsen in humid environments
• Modern and elegant design in Glass and Design versions, which integrates perfectly within new decoration concepts .
• The upper air outlet in the Glass and Design versions allows air to be dispersed without any disturbing flows or currents.

Compatible with G4 or F7 filter. The high efficiency filter F7 filters between 80% and 90% of fine particles up to 0.3 microns.

Our top quality in the manufacture allows us to offer 5 years of guarantee in all our products