Controlled ventilation system

Leaders in innovation, Altia Systems has developed the Q-Air range, the first ventilation system controlled by App, that includes the most innovate solutions to keep at the optimal home indoor air quality in every moment: hygrometer feature with multiple sensors, programmable preheating, hyperventilation feature, etc.

All our models are equipped with high-performance centrifugal motors with EC energy-saving technology, and curved blades system which minimizes the noise making it almost unnoticeable.

Q-Air systems, Smart ventilation.

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Available in two models “Access” and “Comfort”, and three different finishing versions Glass,  Design  and Box.

How Q-Air system works

Our systems, trough air blowing ventilation, completely renew the air inside the house, introducing dry air from outside and removing, thanks to a created overpressure, the humidity inside. This guarantees a healthy home with optimal habitability, health and aesthetics conditions.

The central processing unit works as follows:

1st   It takes air from outside.

2nd The air is filtered to remove all kinds of impurities, pollen, etc.

3rd  The air is pre-heated in order to be blown at previously selected temperature.

4th  The pre-heated air is blown into the housing, creating a slight overpressure (2-3 Pascals) causing the ventilation of all housing, even those inaccessible areas.

The central unit system is installed on a wall or ceiling of the house so that is possible to take air through a hole from outside. By its filtering, the air introduced into the housing is purified, removing all harmful elements to health and making up for all natural housing ventilation deficiencies, avoiding in this way all problems related to moisture caused by condensation (moulds, bad smells, mist, etc.) and cleaning up the polluted air with consequent health benefits. Air pre-heating is performed between 12ºC – 20ºC, thermostatically regulated, and stopping the heating when outdoor temperature exceeds the selected one.

All our products are subjected to rigorous performance tests so our high quality manufacturing allows us to offer 5 year warranty against any manufacturing defect.



Q-Air Comfort
Comfort is the most advanced controlled ventilation system in market. It includes multiple hygrometric sensors in order to regulate the air flow needed in every moment, depending on the indoor/outdoor air quality level. It includes programmable preheating feature and filters G4 or F7 can be mounted equally. Available in three different finishing versions, Glass, Design and Box.

Q-Air Access
Access is the basic Q-Air range model. This controlled ventilation system renews indoor air uniformly 24 hours a day. Like the “Comfort” version, it includes pre-heating feature which ensures the indoor thermal comfort, and also filters G4 or F7 can be mounted equally in any of its three different finishing versions, Glass, Design and Box.